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Vshare APK: Have you ever faced any trouble while transferring large size files from one device to another? worry not, as we have an application that can transfer GB of data within fractions of second. The bluetooth technology is old forgotten now.

The latest Vshare APK application uses the hotspot connectivity from one device to another in order to transfer data. The ever functional platform is now available in form of APK. In other words, you can enjoy any number of features without slightest of expenditure.

About Vshare APK?

Vshare APK Download
Vshare APK Download

The alternative to Google Play Store, Vshare APK has got more to offer without any extra charge at all. Sometimes downloading application Google Play Store is not so enjoyable.

You get a limited amount of features and there is a whole lot of restrictions that has to be tolerated. So for a better purpose, there is Vshare that is supportable on IOS and Android as well.

Using the Vshare, it is possible to download the applications in the highest speed without rooting the device. sense, Vshare is not a legal application, it is ethnically incorrect.

So, it is suggested to download the application on your own risk because there can be certain parties who you avail Malware and Virus instead of Genuine Vshare. Get Similar Application on your mobile Appvn APK.

File Info

App Name: Vshare APK

Version: v3.0.1

Size: 25.06MB

Requires Android: 4.0+

Last Updated: Oct 2019


  • There are plenty of features available in the application. Some of them include.
  • You can download any application or game in iOS device as well.
  • There are considerable amount of songs, ringtones and wallpapers available in the apk version of Vshare.
  • You can purchase the application from the official channel so as to support the developer.
  • The application is regularly updated so that you get the new content with high quality features.


Vshare APK ScreenShots
Vshare APK ScreenShots

How to download & Install Vshare APK in your device?

  • Install the Vshare application and simply ignore the security prompt that you get in the middle of the process.
  • The downloaded file is always available in the download section created as a separate folder.
  • Now choose the settings option in the Chrome and allow from this resource option so that you can have the Vshare salt in your PC.
  • You can use it flawlessly without any glitches. However, in case of exceptional error, you can choose to download it through some kind of emulator.

How to install game using Vshare?

  • Step 1 – launch the application and choose amongst the category that Lists wallpaper, application, games and ringtones.
  • Step 2 – Select the exact application that you want to install on your phone . The original application installer will immediately have the application downloaded on your device without any charge at all.
  • The latest application have got some exceptional varieties of applications and games like Snapchat ++, Pokemon go ++ and many more.
  • Make sure that you take note of all the available options and get the file installed in your device.
  • Minimum requirement for downloading the application is Android 2.2 version.
  • Enable and on resources can the setting option Before downloading the application.

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